All-out war approach a perilous measure for the people

We express our condemnation to the recent pronouncements by President Duterte to pursue an “all-out war” approach in addressing the conflict between the CPP-NPA-NDF.

Just like before, such actions will only mean an intensification of attacks against the workers and the people; and such methods shall never work. With his recent statements, Duterte has made a 180-degree turn from his initial position in pursuing peace and in intentions of addressing the roots of the armed conflict.

With the “all-out war”, Duterte is turning his back on the mere reasons to resume the peace talks – the general development of the people’s welfare – submitting to US-directed fascist interests, as Duterte has recently approved the presence of US facilities in Philippine camps.

A warmonger approach will only be more of the same for majority of peace-loving Filipinos. We call for the GPH – as the Party that initially reneged on resuming the talks – to go back to the negotiating table and address the people’s issues present in the slated comprehensive agreements on socio-economic reforms and political and constitutional reforms. To do such is a step in the right direction in the pursuit of genuine peace.

Meanwhile, the gunpowder-heads in the AFP are the ones jubilant upon the junking of the peace negotiations. They will certainly unleash yet again their reign of terror in the communities, similar to what they did in the administrations since.

We call on all workers to continue in their advocacy for peace, and to support the resumption of the peace talks between the GPH and the NDF, as one of the main avenues to discuss an end to contractualization – now in the advent of Bello’s capitulation to business interests through his DoLE Department Order No. 168.

We join all peace-loving citizens in calling for a respect of accords, upholding of human rights and recognizance of the people’s basic rights. # # #


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