On the brutal dispersal at US Embassy


We express our utmost denunciation of the dispersal of national minority groups and supporters as they held a protest earlier at the Embassy of the United States of America.

Amid scores of injured participants, the violent dispersal led by Manila Police District Col. Marcelino Pedroso Jr. also left about 20 arrested and about 10 rushed to the hospital.

The casualties resulted from the giddy ramming of a police mobile driven by a certain PO3 Franklin Kho and successive pushes from police flanks – as the protest neared its end.

There are no words to describe the pain that our national minority groups suffer from harassment and neglect in the countryside.

For workers, the bane of the contractualization scheme remains in the workplace, affecting thousands of workers and victimizing their rights.

Oplan Bayanihan remains to encroach the rural communities, which has since dealt threats and violence upon our indigenous peoples and Moros.

We strictly condemn the fascist actions of the PNP for earlier’s dispersal. This only meant that for the powderkegs at military and police camps, and even some in the government, the real solution to conflict remains to be the silencing of dissidents and those who seek genuine change.

As we wait for further actions on President Duterte’s statements in forging an independent foreign policy, state forces remain lapdogs of the imperialist United States – a terrorist struggling to put its servant in line.

We remain in holding Col. Pedroso, PO3 Kho and all those responsible for the violent dispersal; which was clearly coming from the policemen’s side.

Meanwhile, we continue to be one with the national minorities in their struggle for a just peace and in their call for self-determination. # # #


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