LIGA ng Manggagawa: On SIDC’s spin on the feedmill strike


We condemn the incessant lies the management of Soro-Soro Ibaba Development Cooperative (SIDC) propagates regarding the current labor strike by contractuals in Batangas, who work at a feedmill they obviously own.

The claim that the strike is a labor dispute between the casuals and the DCMM Agency has been the usual press release of principals that want to escape conviction from religiously practicing labor-only contracting schemes. We do not forget the same lies from the mouth of Tanduay representatives, when they said the same last year.

Meanwhile, SIDC’s stand has stalled negotiations yet again yesterday, as they remain stubborn against granting the requests of the workers. For two days now, SIDC representatives have constantly told workers to reapply as SIDC workers, or be regular employees in DCMM Agency.

To intensify the perjury, SIDC told ABS-CBN Southern Tagalog in a statement yesterday that it “has contract with DCMM, a legitimate manpower agency” (italics ours); yet cannot present proof of registration to representatives of the Department of Labor and Employment (DoLE) last July 11 and 12.

The workers of SIDC know that DCMM Agency is a notorious labor-only contractor, violating the standards of DoLE Department Order 18-A for such agencies. To prove it, we ask these: does DCMM Agency own the machines and products? Do they own the factory the contractuals toil in every day?

The answer to both questions: no. Therefore, the strike – and not the picket, as the SIDC public relations claim – has all the reasons to continue. The workers do not recognize the agency anyway; they know it is illegal.

All calls and redress to the contractual workers now on strike in Batangas City is rightfully addressed to the true employers – the SIDC.

More so, it should not be concerned for its “innocent members/owner’s (sic) being affected” due to the strike. For what, then, is the purpose of the Board of Directors present on dialogues with the DoLE?

On the other hand, it should be worried that more and more people know that SIDC is a fake cooperative and that it does not care about the welfare of its workers.

As SIDC and its AGAP Partylist prates to “bring food to people’s tables”, it does the opposite to the workers in its factories. # # #


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