PRESS RELEASE: S. Tagalog workers in Aquino’s lair; ensnare the “King of Contractual Labor”

hari ng kontraktwalisasyonLabor unions and organizations from the Southern Tagalog region today carried on with the fourth day of the Bigkisan ng Manggagawa Laban sa Kontraktwalisasyon, now marching to Aquino’s house in Times St. in a symbolic trap against the “King of Contractualization”.

Roque Polido, chairperson of regional labor center PAMANTIK-KMU, compared BS Aquino to a ruthless cyborg, that systematically saps the life out of the workers.

He related the effigy that PAMANTIK-KMU prepared for this year’s State of the Nation Address (SONA), an angel of death with a Janus-like face of Aquino – the other one cyborg-styled.

However, Polido noted that the time for workers’ silence has been long over, as strikes and protests by contractual workers have been sprouting all over the region; such as the Coca-cola workers’ strike in 2013, and the Tanduay contractuals’ strike that sparked last May 18.

“With the unfettered unity of the laborers, the strikes have brought victories to the workers as a whole; with the Coca-cola Sta. Rosa plant workers’ strike delivering regularization to all casuals in Coca-cola plants in the country, and continues serving an inspiration to all the contractuals in the Philippines,” Polido stated.

Being a victim of contractualization in Tanduay Distillers, Inc., Anse Are, the president of contractuals’ association TUDLA, condemned the intensifying contractualization under Aquino. Are added that this, and the combination of harassment and violence from private goons and state forces add up to a new cause for the workers’ problems: death by contractualization.

“We will not be bent again by the policies that Aquino has set down upon the workers. To uphold the dignity of regular work, we must oust a president that has done the opposite – and so we will register our highest discontent and calls tomorrow, on his last SONA,” said Are.

Are assured a large delegation come tomorrow, as Malacañang attempts to surround them with barricades far from Batasang Pambansa, the eventual venue of the SONA.

“Tens of thousands of angry contractual and regular workers, together with more from different groups, will rush through and belie every fib Aquino will propagate tomorrow – in the true State of the Nation,” ended Are. ###


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