LIGA PRESS RELEASE: Sagara workers protest illegal suspension of 15 contractual workers


Contractual workers from the Sagara Metro Plastic Industrial Corporation (SMPIC) in Calamba, Laguna today held an indignation activity regarding “another wave of violence upon the workers of SMPIC”.

The Sagara management served all the 15 workers 7-day suspensions due to their failure to engage in overtime work.

SMPIC, which has its own special economic zone in the city, produces plastic automotive parts.

“Another case of harassment upon the workers have been recorded yet again, as pressure from the workers have elicited an adverse response from the greedy Sagara management,” said Ariel Velasquez, a contractual worker from SMPIC and chairperson of workers’ alliance Liga ng Manggagawa para sa Regular na Hanapbuhay (LIGA).

The staggered suspension saw seven workers suspended yesterday, June 9; and now had another 8 suspended today.

As of press time, SMPIC faces protests and legal complaints from the factory’s regular workers for colluding with the company union Samahan ng mga Manggagawa sa Sagara – National Mines and Allied Workers Unions Local 180 (SAMASA-NAMAWU) and the Bureau of Labor Relations (BLR) because of the hasty suspension of certification elections of Lakas ng Nagkakaisang Manggagawa sa SMPIC – Independent (LNMSMPIC-Ind).

The indignation rally was also joined by regular workers from LNMSMPIC-Ind as they fight to resume certification elections and install a workers’ union that will “truly fight for workers’ rights in the plant”.

“The unity of workers, contractual and regular, is a remarkable sight, since it welcomes the fact that the workers’ struggle should be an expression of the unity of all the workers – be they contractual or regular,” said Velasquez.

SMPIC is also a member of the Yazaki Group of Companies, which has had a “bloody record” with the workers. Two union leaders in the EMI-Yazaki plant in Cavite, Butch Servida and Jerry Cristobal, were killed within their terms last 2008 and 2010, respectively. # # #


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