6 lies and fallacies on the LRT/MRT fare hike

Teddy Casiño


Yesterday, the government pushed through with its plan to increase the fares in LRT lines 1, 2 and MRT line 3 by as much as 50%, 66% and 87%, respectively. The fare hike was done treacherously while everyone’s attention was on the yuletide season and all agencies that commuters could possibly go to for relief (the Courts) were closed for vacation.

Yesterday, several groups and individuals, myself included, filed with the Supreme Court a petition to stop the fare hike.

Here are six lies and fallacies that the Aquino government is trying to foist about the LRT/MRT fare hike:

1. The fare hike is needed to rehabilitate and upgrade the LRT and MRT train systems.

This is a lie. In fact, the 2015 budget recently signed by Pres. Aquino already includes a P7.4-billion allocation for the rehabilitation of the MRT, and another P4.65 billion for its subsidy. Aside from this…

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