COA Report on Salaries and Allowances: A Report on Money Mugged from the Workers

Recently, the Commission on Audit (COA) published the list of officials from different government units who received the highest salaries for the year 2013.

COA released their Report on Salaries and Allowances (ROSA) FY 2013 which shows the names of principal officers and members of different Government-Owned and/or Controlled Corporations (GOCC) and officials from equivalent National Government Agencies (NGA). The report shows that most of the primary officials of GOCCs and NGAs receive millions and millions of pesos in exchange, apparently, for their ‘service’ through their positions in the government.

In the said annual report, officers mostly from Water Districts, GOCCs, and NGAs garnered the top posts. The compensation these officials received, are based on how many months they have been active in their particular mother units in the recent year, and were categorized into basic salaries, various allowances, bonuses, and benefits. The wage received by the top 10 highest paid officials range from P7.4 million for the Deputy Governor of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Vicente Aquino, to a sky-rocketing P12.1 million for GSIS General Manager, Robert Vergara. Other officials who did not make it to the top notchers received equally high amounts of pesos, in hundreds of thousands if not also in millions.

Tax Payers Earn Less, Work More

The salaries of government officials and employees come from the blood and sweat of Filipino workers. While these officials enjoy handful of money from the workers for their less than 8-hours of work a day, the latter need to toil inside factories, for more than 12-hours, before they receive loose change for their hefty day’s work.

As workers suffer from a very low daily wage of P315, absence of inhumane benefits and allowances, among others, primary officials from anti-worker, labor-related government agencies accept more or less P100,000 a day. In a table prepared by the Pagkakaisa ng Manggagawa sa Timog Katagalugan – Kilusang Mayo Uno (Solidarity of Workers in Southern Tagalog – May First Movement or PAMANTIK-KMU) referring to the 2013 ROSA, it is shown how high these officials are compensated for backing up capitalists in juicing profit from workers.

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Workers Scream Pay Back, Give Back Stolen Money

The stated and unstated principal officials and members of GOCCs and officers from different NGAs will never experience high amounts of salaries if not for the workers. And yet, these government officials act as if earning sums of money amidst the daily crisis for workers are but normal scenarios.

The millions these officials accept every year may seem too little compared to the money higher and more corrupt government officials achieve. But a hundred thousand peso daily salary is never too little compared to sunken wages workers receive everyday.

According to workers in Southern Tagalog, who, by worsening crisis, agonize under negative salary balance due to numerous and arbitrary monetary excises from their monthly wages, “We demand pay back, those money should be ours. They do not deserve the fruits of our labor.” Southern Tagalog workers believe that this kind of wage system is unjust and should be ended. Anti-worker and anti-people operations and functions should never be rewarded by any amount. Savage officials should never be paid for oppressing, robbery, and enslavement to the workers and their rights.

Workers demand that these officials and their corresponding government units serve truthfully for the rights and welfare of the workers in exchange for the millions of pesos they squeeze-out from them. Or else would they pay a debt they’d wish they never had indebted.

Pagtaas ng Presyo ng mga Bilihin, Delubyo para sa Manggagawa’t Mamamayan

Simula nitong mga nakaraang linggo, tila kumakaharap sa malaking delubyo ang mamamayan dahil sa sunud-sunod na pagtaas ng presyo ng pangunahing mga bilihin. Walang humpay ang pagtaas ng presyo ng petrolyo kaya naman hindi na napigilan ang pagtataas ng singil sa pamasahe. Sinabayan pa ng pagtataas ng presyo ng bawang, asukal, bigas, karne, manok, at ng iba pang mga pangunahing bilihin.

download (1)Muling tumaas ang presyo ng produktong petrolyo, nadagdagan ng P1.20 kada litrong singil para sa Diesel, P1.30 kada litro para sa gasolina, at P1.45 naman kada litro para sa kerosene. Dahil umano ito sa paghahanda sa napipintong paglala ng kri850sis sa langis ng mga prodyuser na bansa. Ibinunga ng malakihang pagtaas ng presyo ng petrolyo ang karagdagang singil sa minimum na pasahe mula P8 magiging P8.50 at P1.50 kada susunod na kilometro.


Patuloy ang pagtaas ng presyo ng bigas mula P40 hanggang P45 kada kilo – umani ito ng samu’t saring pagbatikos buhat pareho sa parte ng mamamayan at pamahalaan. images (1)Habang umaaray ang mga mamamayan sa pagbigat ng presyo ng bigas, tinawag naman itong ‘kaartehan’ ng palasyo sa paghahangad ng mamamayan ng komersyal o ‘mabangong klase’ ng bigas na sadyang mahal ang presyo gayong maaaring magtiis sa bigas-NFA na relatibong mas mura.


Sunud-sunod din ang naging pagtaas sa presyo ng mga pangunahing panlahok sa pagluluto tulad ng sibuyas na naglalaro sa P48-P50 kada kilo, luya na nasa P140 kada kilo, at bawang na lumipad ang presyo sa P400 kada Nakisabay rin sa pagtaas ang presyo ng asukal, gatas, at de-lata. Nariyan din ang tumataas na presyo ng manok at baboy. Lahat nang pagtataas na ito ay ikinokoneimageskta sa pagbaba diumano ng suplay ng mga pangunahing produkto.


Ayon sa Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) na nagsagawa ng pagpupulong hinggil sa kabi-kabilang pagtataas na ito, napag-alaman nilang mayroong ‘malaking peste’ na nakapasok sa bansa na nagreresulta ng pagbaba at pagkaantala ng produksyon.


Noynoy.241Gayunman, tahasang ipinaabot ni BS Aquino na wala siyang nalalaman sa dahilan kung bakit nagtataasan ang pangunahing mga bilihin. Isa pa aniya, hindi dapat mabahala dahil hindi naman daw apektado ng sunud-sunod na pagtataas ng presyo ang kalakhan ng mga mamamayang Pilipino.


Ipinapakita lamang nito na walang kontrol ang pamahalaan sa pagbabalanse ng pagtaas at pagbaba ng presyo ng mga bilihin at serbisyo. Ito ay nagsisilbing patunay na hindi lamang ang produktong petrolyo ang napapailalim sa deregulasyon, lahat ng pangunahing pangangailangan ng mamamayan ay ipinauubaya ng bulok na administrasyon sa amo nitong imperyalistang US at mga dayuhang mamumuhunan.


Sa kabila ng patuloy na pagtaas ng mga pangunahing bilihin, patuloy naman ang pagbaba, kung hindi pagkakapako sa dati nang mababa, ng sahod ng mga manggagawa – na pangunahing konsyumer ng mga nabanggit na produkto. At mapapansin ang pagsahol ng kainutilan ng BS na administrasyon sa paglutas at pagresolba ng suliraning ito.

Southern Tagalog transport group holds protest-caravan against higher fines

Drivers and operators from different associations under the Southern Tagalog Region Transport Sector Organization – PISTON (STARTER-PISTON) held a protest-caravan from San Pedro, Laguna to Sto. Tomas, Batangas to condemn the recently implemented joint administrative order from the Land Transportation Office and Department of Transportation and Communications directing higher fines and fees for traffic violations.

Around 200 jeepney drivers and operators held a protest caravan from San Pedro, Laguna to Sto. Tomas, Batangas on Thursday to condemn the recent joint administrative order from the LTO and DOTC that directs higher fines and fees for traffic violations.

The group insisted that the order was a moneymaking scheme from the Aquino administration.

Major fines include P50000 for unregistered, and out of line vehicles. Fines for other traffic rules and regulations violations range from P1000 to P5000.

“The implementation of the order reveals how heartless the Aquino administration is. Drivers barely earn P500 a day because of the increasing prices in petroleum products, vis-a-vis the rising costs of living. Despite this, the government still has the guts to squeeze money out of the blood and sweat of drivers and operators—even if the transport sector has repeatedly registered its disapproval of such schemes.” Teodoro Elevencione, Southern Tagalog Region Transport Sector Organization Regional Coordinator said.

In 2008, a similar order was released by the DOTC. The said order was immediately scrapped following a Motion for Reconsideration filed by PISTON, which was granted at the Regional Trial Court in Baguio. However, it was still implemented in five municipalities in Northern Luzon, as well as in other regions including the National Capital Region and Southern Tagalog.

“We have seen how these moneymaking schemes have promoted the already rampant corruption in the country—like the pork barrel scam, these fines are huge sources of kickbacks for officials of all levels in the government. Implementing sky-high fines and fees is not the solution to rampant traffic violations.” Elevencione added.

“It is only by resolving the basic problems—such as skyrocketing oil and other commodity prices, unemployment, corruption, and the inaccessibility of social services—that will elevate the people’s quality of living, including that of the transport sector, and therefore enable them to follow rules and regulations to promote a better transportation system for the people.

“Workers are one with the transport sector in calling for the immediate scrapping of the joint administration order. When drivers suffer from very high fines and fees, workers, who are the primary commuters and depend on public transportation everyday, are affected. The order reflects how Aquino treats the Filipino people—a far cry from how he prioritizes the needs and interests of foreign capitalists and oil cartels. His tuwid na daan is an exclusive road to more riches for his real bosses—enough reason for all oppressed people to call for his ouster. This is only a prequel to bigger, stronger, and more intense actions to put that goal into reality.” Hermenegildo Marasigan, Pagkakaisa ng Manggagawa sa Timog Katagalugan-Kilusang Mayo Uno (PAMANTIK-KMU) Spokesperson, ended.###

Hoya workers troop to gov’t agencies, demand justice for thousands of illegally dismissed


Workers from the recently closed Hoya Glass Disk Philippines trooped to different government agencies on Wednesday to demand their reinstatement. Together with other illegally dismissed workers under the Kaisahan ng Manggagawang Iligal na Tinanggal (KAMIT), the group insisted that the widespread dismissal and loss of jobs among workers in the region are direct upshots of government-induced labor flexibilization and persistent attack on the labor sector.

The workers trooped to the National Labor Relations Commission, Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, Japanese Embassy, Philippine Economic Zones Authority, and Department of Labor and Employment to demand their immediate reinstatement and demand that the companies pay damages.

On April 30, labor day eve, 2600 workers lost their jobs as Hoya Glass Disk in FPIP Tanauan, Batangas declared closure due to ‘a slump in profits’. However, according to the company’s financial statement submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission, Hoya Glass Disk’s profit grew by $10 million from $27 million in 2012 to $37 million in 2013.

“We are certain that the real reason for the closure is far beyond the phony slump in profits. We produce in-demand glass disks for well-known brands such as Seagate, Hitachi, Western Digital, and S Howa Denko—enough to say that the company is and will continue to earn millions of dollars each year. The company obviously closed following our successful union registration, with the fear of the capitalist that this will mean lesser profit for them in the future. The union is our voice in demanding higher wages, regular employment, and other benefits that define our humanity, but is considered by capitalists as the primary restraint to pocketing increasing profit.” Ian Ordoño, Kalipunan at Saligan ng Manggagawa sa HOGP-IND, said.

In Southern Tagalog, more than 7000 workers lost their jobs from February to April, including 3600 workers from Carina Apparel in Biñan. A day before the company implemented a mass forced leave that led to the closure, the workers’ union and the management was set to begin negotiations for another collective bargaining agreement.

At the NXP Semiconductors Inc., 24 union leaders were illegally dismissed by the company due to ‘illegal strike’, citing the mass absence of workers on government declared holidays on April 9, 17, 18 and May 1. The illegal dismissal took place in the midst of a stalled collective bargaining negotiations between the union and the management.

Contractual employees are likewise common victims of illegal dismissals in the region, the group said.

“In Southern Tagalog, more than 70% of workers are under different contractualization schemes. Despite laws that supposedly ‘protect’ workers, capitalists implement Labor Only Contracting to obtain bigger profits through paying very low wages, denying benefits, restraining workers from forming their unions. These inhumane conditions are implemented under the direct consent of the Aquino administration, which has been consistent in attacking the labor sector during his four years in office.” Sherycyl Platino, Liga ng Manggagawang Kontraktwal spokesperson said.

“Workers have long been suppressed by this cold-hearted regime that only serves for the benefit of foreign capitalists. It is in this context that we are preparing to take part in a pambansang lakbayan that will culminate in a massive mobilization during Aquino’s State of the Nation Address and call for the puppet president’s ouster.” Joycee Rosales, Pagkakaisa ng Manggagawa sa Timog Katagalugan-Kilusang Mayo Uno Deputy Secretary General ended.###