12.1M jobless Filipinos due to US-Aquino regime’s anti-workers, pro-capitalists policies

 ImageThe Social Weather Station (SWS) conservative data of 12.1M jobless Filipinos in 2013 4th quarter is a glaring manifestation of last year’s exclusive 7.2% Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth in the country. Very recently, 3,600 Carina Apparel, Inc. workers lost their jobs when the company closed illegally. This after the capitalist took away more than P80 million daily profit from the blood and sweat of the workers.

 In a recent Forbes survey, the 2013 Philippines’ top ten richest, who are also local big bourgeois compradors, have become even richer. The top three are Henry Sy and family, Lucio Tan and family, and Andrew Tan with net worth of $12 billion, $7.5 billion, and $4.6 respectively. This while millions of workers bear the brunt of P228-446 minimum wage, which is far below the P1,051 daily living wage.

 These are results of the government’s anti-workers and anti-people neo-liberal policies such as the Hererra Law or Contractualization Scheme, which has systematized the chronic high unemployment rates. Edwin Lacierda misleads and misinforms the people when he cited Super Typhoon Yolanda, 7.2-magnitude earthquake in Bohol and Cebu, and siege of Zamboanga City as major contributing factors to the higher number of unemployed.

 For years, the unrest in Mindanao and the natural disasters have become annual major concerns that the government and the people have had to deal with. Many may have lost their jobs due to the typhoon and earthquake, but the rising trend in unemployment is a result of the orchestration of the US-Aquino regime, local big bourgeois compradors and foreign capitalists to squeeze super profits from cheap labor cost. The rates are under 15% before March 2004, between 16.5-19% from August 2004 to March 2005, above 20% since May 2005, and have reached almost 30% in recent years.

 In Southern Tagalog, more and more suffer from joblessness due to contractualization. Companies now increases the number of contractual over regular workers. The Makati Development Corporation owned by the Ayalas for example has transformed a total of 1,000 regular and project-based workers into contractual workers.  More and more companies also employ much worse schemes such as employing of On The Job Trainees (OJTs) to do a regular worker’s job. Almost half of the total workforce at EMI-Yazaki in Cavite and Toyota Philippines in Laguna are OJTs. Local and foreign capitalists resort to these inhumane and unacceptable schemes so they won’t have to pay the workers benefits and increase wages.

Obama and his government ensure that Noynoy Aquino adopts and implements these neo-liberal policies whenever the latter begs for loans in the form of investments and US-AID. Through the Structural Adjustment Program (SAP), the US can dictate pro-capitalist policies such as the Two-Tiered Wage System and K-12 program.

As Noynoy continues to brag about his treacherous tuwid na daan, millions of workers and young Filipinos suffer from the lack of decent jobs and just wages. It is as clear as broad daylight that his ‘boss’ is the capitalists and the US, and that he will never advance the interests of the people.      

As vanguard of genuine, militant, nationalist and anti-imperialist unionism in Southern Tagalog, PAMANTIK-KMU will strengthen the fight against contractualization, push for the nationalization of basic industries, and continue its struggle to build a socialist society, where there is no unemployment and exploitation of workers.





2 thoughts on “12.1M jobless Filipinos due to US-Aquino regime’s anti-workers, pro-capitalists policies

  1. anung nangyari dun sa mga nagreklamo sa nlrc laban sa makati development corporation? pede pa bang magreklamo yung mga dating empleyado na pumirma ng kontrata sa asia pro?

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