DoLE shrouded also with anomalies and corruption, Senate needs to urgently investigate

While investigations are on-going regarding the anomalies and corruption in the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), the regional labor center Pagkakaisa ng Manggagawa sa Timog Katagalugan (PAMANTIK-KMU) calls on the Philippine Senate to also pay attention on labor cases. Particularly, Senate investigation is urged on the anomalies and corruption in the Department of Labor and Employment (DoLE) which is involved in anti-labor policies and decisions.

Earlier in 2003, a case was presented to the House of Representatives, thru Anakpawis Partylist, involving former DoLE Patricia Santo Tomas in her Switzerland and Italy trip funded by multinational company Nestlé.

Workers also complain of the outright and one-sided issuance of Assumption of Jurisdiction by the DoLE secretary and other policies suppressing the right to strike as experienced by workers in companies like Nestlé Philippines Cabuyao, Nissan Motor Philippines, JacLiner, Aichi Forging, Toyota Motors, Purefoods Flour Mills, etc.

DoLE remains either in its no action stance or reverses favourable decisions for workers. The department also has no teeth in obliging capitalists to comply with favourable decisions issued by the Supreme Court.

Like the reeking corruption in the AFP, the workers and the people have not enough data as to the depth and extent of the anomalies in DoLE and the culture of corruption in the country exploited and benefited by capitalists. Not for reasons of “national interest” and “industrial peace”, workers are certain that DoLE and AFP officers receive a large sum of money in order to implement anti-worker decisions and harass workers, respectively.

Therefore, it is urgent that Senate should investigate the anomalies and corruption in DoLE, including those involved capitalists.###


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