Statement of Condemnation Against the Closure of Keihin Philippines

Workers in Southern Tagalog region, as well as all the workers in the whole country, condemn to the highest terms the threat of closure posed by the Japanese-owned Keihin Philippines. This closure clearly leads to the massacre of regular jobs.

Barely 48 hours after signing a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) between the union and management, an unexpected news shocked workers one morning on October 29. Keihin Philippines Corporation president Akihiro Takahashi announced the company’s closure allegedly as part of “cost-cutting measures”.

The closure will affect the 106 work force including the rank and file employees, management staff, and supervisors.

The closure of Keihin is illegal. This outrightly violates the recently signed CBA. No person in the right frame of mind will conclude a CBA and immediately afterwards declare closure.

Furthermore, considering the legal process, the company filed no notice of closure to the Department of Labor and Employment.

It is by no means unreasonable to say the company as incurring losses since it earned a gross income of PhP 1.1 billion last year. This is precisely one of the bases for workers to demand for a morsel fraction for an increase in their wages and benefits in the CBA. Also, this large income lamely supports the reason for company closure and seizure of operations in the Philippines.

The management’s move to close the company was planned and orchestrated in time with the holiday on November 1, All-Saints Day. Behind the fruitful CBA lies the monster all out to massacre jobs. In the final analysis, capitalist Keihin intends to run away from its obligations to its workers in the ultimate aim to bust their union.

Challenge in strengthening the genuine and militant unionism

Keihin union is one of the founders of genuine and militant unionism in Laguna Technopark. It treads the more than a decade practice and experience in struggling for reasonable wages, job security, and legitimate rights of workers. In the past years, their joint concerted actions play important role in their political and economic achievements.

The workers’ union and the CBAs it concluded proved not to hinder the company’s drive for profit and greater profit in recent years. In the same logic, the union and concluded CBAs should not be bases and reason for the company’s closure.

Keihin workers hold the management accountable for its unreasonable decision to close the company, as well as its intent to bust the union. It is also rightful for the workers to call the attention of the Philippines Export Zone Authority (PEZA), Department of Labor and Employment (DoLE), and largely the pro-capitalist administration of Noynoy Aquino for condoning such attack against workers.

With the Keihin management’s current threat, the workers are left with no option but to further strengthen and strive to achieve the highest form of unity and joint concerted action. These workers and all organised workers should also responsibly shoulder the enlightenment and organising of support for the struggle.

Only in joint concerted actions can we defend and struggle for our legitimate demands.

Oppose illegal closure of Keihin Philippines!

Jobs, not closure!

Oppose and fight against the massacre of jobs in Keihin!

Defend and fight for wage, jobs and rights!


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